Artist Bio

Ann Timmins

 I see myself as a child swimming underwater exploring, amazed and absorbed by this visual, tactile and fluid experience. As an artist I connect these natural elements in my paintings, it is the fluid quality of the water, ink, paint, silk threads, transparency and light that reveal this essence of life in my art.

 In the arctic, the water transforms into snow and ice, which in turn transforms everything into abstract and fluid shapes. As a river meanders, it carves a ribbon across the landscape, as a glacier moves it carves and shapes valleys and mountains, and as the ocean pummels the shoreline the rock faces are hollowed and etched. My pen follows the virtual journey to experience the land forms, the paths and rivers.

 Colours nurture and stimulate my creative energy, chameleon lizards change colours to blend into the environment, I adapt my palette to enjoy the endless inspiration that colour energy brings out in my paintings.

 Ann began her formal art studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and graduated from the Ontario College of Art with honors in Textile Design and was the recipient of the Inco and Samo scholarships. In Nova Scotia Ann continued her education at the College of Geographic Sciences, and Ann freely admits that the fine art of map making, added to her appreciation of land forms from a unique perspective.

 Ann is currently represented by Northern Images in Yellowknife, Trees Gallery in Nova Scotia, and at Northern House, Vancouver, where she was commissioned to paint the mural ‘Arctic Winter Dreams’ for the 2010 Olympics.


3 thoughts on “Artist Bio

  1. Hello Ann, I was looking to find images or online information for artist Sheila Timmins who allowed me into her workshop in Vanderhoof B.C. in the early 1970s. I was 14 years old and it was my first experience with oil painting. Is the Sheila Timmins who is your mother the same Sheila Timmins who was my first formal art teacher? warm regards, Terrill Welch

  2. Hi Terrill,
    Sheila Timmins lived and taught art in Vanderhoof, later she moved to Prince George, and then on to Hornby Island, where she died in 2000. We held a retrospective show of her work in Prince George in 2001 and in 2007, another show of her work on Hornby Island.

    I am currently redesigning a mother and daughter artist website, and thought that a blog would be more interesting.

    Are you involved in the art scene ? That is neat that she was your first formal art teacher.

  3. Yes Ann, I am involved in the art scene to a small degree. I had two solo shows in Prince George in the late 90’s and I’m just now getting back to focusing on my art work. I’m a writer, photographer and painter. You can see some of my work here at Creative Potager (I will send you specific links via email)

    So good to connect. Terrill Welch

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